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Super Junior ~ Sexy Free and Single New Album Out!

Hello Dolls!~

It's almost a year since I posted about Super Junior's Mr. Simple album release and now they're exciting us with a new one!

Their album, Sexy, Free and Single was released last July 1, 2012. ^^~

The songs are pretty much lively but Someday really took my heart away, it was like I needed to shed some tears for the song. :'(

There are a total of 10 songs in the album:

  1. Sexy, Free and Single
  2. 너로부터 (From U)
  3. 걸리버 (Gulliver)
  4. 언젠가는 (Someday)
  5. NOW
  6. Rockstar
  7. 달콤씁쓸 (Bittersweet)
  8. 빠삐용 (Butterfly)
  9. 머문다 (Daydream)
  10. 헤어지는 날 (A 'Good' bye)

Well, here are the songs so you could listen to them! ^^~ Let me know what you think!! ^_^

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