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SCREAM - 2NE1 New Release in Japan

Hello my lovely dolls~
I'm here with an update on 2ne1's new song ^_^
Recently 2ne1 has been on their Japan tour and their first new song released in Japan is entitled Scream.
The beat and esp. during the chorus was really hypnotic, it's like I could play it on and on and won't get tired of it! ♥   ♪ ♪ Scream oh oh oh oh oh scream scream scream scream 
Song's in Japanese but still, it sounds Korean to me hahaha XD

Dara-unnie has especially projected improved vocals~deep and more defined. I personally prefer her deep voice rather the "cuter" type :P
Lovin her messy bun and her attention grabbing hairstyle! XD She oftentimes has the most unique hairstyle in the group~ 
Dara-unnie's cute messy bun hairstyle! ♥

Spiky hairstyle and oh look at the ball XD
CL as usual has that voice that always stands out XD Well actually one of the reasons I like 2NE1 is that they're really different from each and you can even tell them apart just by listening to their song ♥
Most memorable for me is her sophisticated, rich look:

And oh, not to mention her uber cute platform shoes!! ♥

Minzy has always had that deep mysterious voice despite her tender age of 18! I think people tend to undercredit (if there is such a term ahahha XD ) her captivating voice because of her superb dancing skills! ♥

Bom captivated me most in this video simply because her beauty was breath-taking. She looks like a real doll! ♥ Great voice, great looks! ^^
See!? She really looks like a doll right?!!?!?!?
Bom's beauty is one of a kind, *sigh* really captivating. She's one of my girl crushes XD
Speechless at her beauty ♥

I don't know why but Bom reminds me of Aerith in this snap shot XD

I think it's because of the bangs! XD

Watch the MV and let me know what you think in the comments!! ♥

Val ♥


  1. I love CLs pouffy hair in this mv!

  2. awee ~~now that you mention it  ,  she reminds me a lot to aerith!!

  3. oh I was stunned by Bom's overall look! super long and straight hair, amazing outfit and those legs!! T3T she's perfect! and oooh did you know they are going to make a come back next month, yay for us! more new looks and new hits, gah!!  <3 

  4. oh yeah! Bom's such a beauty! she looks like a doll, really ♥ even my boyfie likes her hahaha and I totally agree with him. :D

    ne ne ne, come back as in in the Phil?? XD or in Korea like sorta comeback from Japan tour and all? ^^

  5. yeah!! XD it was like~i knew i saw that aura somewhere then poof ~~ aerith XD miss playing FF games XD

  6. yes love! a comeback album! so tonsa performances and a series of concerts come july. I'm really excited kasi for their new look para sa promotions xD

  7. I love this song! it's so catchy, even though I don't understand it :D
    I love their outfits, plus they're so badass

  8. forgot to ask, have you heard the remix with m-flo?

  9. I love 2NE1! This song is really catchy too - I can't wait to hear the rest of the album :)

    Haha Bom really does remind me of Aerith in that screenshot too.

  10. My nieces love their song and they are all kawaiiii <3
    Good job it was already released in Japan ^ ^ 

  11. definitely!♥ I replayed it like forever hahahha XD

    I've heard the remix but I prefer the original one :D the remix is more of the clubbing type for me XD ahahhaa

  12. Hahaha I knew it! She really looks like Aerith there XD Love 2ne1 too! ♥ They just have a unique sense of style and personalities!! ^^

  13. Yes, they're I think in Japan right now, for their tour ^^~
    Yeah, they are definitely kawaii, esp bom and dara ^^


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