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GIVEAWAY: Dull to Doll x Product Arena

Annyeong dolls~

It was sunny and the weather was nice here in Manila earlier!

How was it at your place? ^_^

Recently there has been an addition to Dull to Doll's family, who is, Celline from Product Arena! Yay!

With that being said, a giveaway was organized to celebrate it ^_^

View this link for the mechanics!! ^_^


  1. Hi Sis Val! Genzel here, still remember me? I'm a new follower :D joined your giveaway too! :)


  2. Hello! New follower here, too! ^__^
    Wow! I think we have the same likes! ^__^I hope you could drop by my blogs, too! ^__^

  3. Oooh! I do! ♥ How could I forget you? ^^

    Thanks for the follow, followed you back Gen! :D

  4. Hello! ^_^ Oh so you're an English teacher? ^^~ One of my all time fave profs is an English teacher as well ♥

    Followed you back doll~

  5. Yep! I currently teach Koreans... ^__^

    That's nice to know! Thanks for following me back!!! ^__^

  6. Oh so you are fluent in Hangul as well? ^__^

  7. Oh... not really! We were trained to avoid using Hangeul in teaching students... but I know a few Korean expressions helpful in teaching. I also know a few characters... teehee! I feel that I really need to learn Hangeul to fully help and understand my students... ^__^

  8. Oh I actually sell EOS na if you want graded ones, though I still have GEO stocks. :) EOS is better than GEO kasi :)

  9. Oh I see. I've been learning Hangeul little by little whenever I find time for it kasi ^_^ 

  10. Same tayo! ^__^

  11. Ahh okay sis will check EOS on your shop :)


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