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The Face Shop: VIP Club 20

Annyeonghaseyo dolls!~

Last weekend my sister and I had a date at Eastwood.
Before going home we went to The Face Shop to buy their oh-so-popular nail base coat ^_^

Upon paying for the items, the new Club 20 VIP Card caught my attention!
Omo~ From what I remember, The Face Shop doesn't have membership cards, so when I saw this, I was like, I needed to get iiiiiittt! Haha! 

So~ here it is!! ^_^

You can get this for only Php150 at any The Face Shop branch ^_^

As you can see at the back, those are the benefits of having the card.
But you're getting more than that because you also receive a sample pack ^_^

Here are the contents  :

These are supposed to last you for 5 days! ^_^

I think the VIP card is a must have and the 5-day sample pack was really a good bonus!! ^^~
The validity of my card is til June 2013 only, so GET YOURS NOW!! ~~ hehe~ 

The only thing I don't like about is that the card itself is made of cardboard paper only so, if you're not too mindful of it, it may have crevices in the future 
I wish it were a plastic card like the ones Tony Moly and Etude House gives away ^^~

Til my next post dolls~~
Kindly leave comments about your thoughts!! Annyeong!! 


  1. Wish I have a Face Shop in my country D:

    1. Aww :( I think you can still preorder items from The Face Shop though >.< And I hope they'll open a shop there soon!! ♥

  2. i got my card yesterday! so i hope to see you during events? :)

    1. I do hope so!! ♥ Where did you get yours from? ^_^

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Nice and attractive design of print VIP cards. But i have a question, Can these cards are used for business purposes?

    1. yes it's cute actually ^^ they can only be used for the face shop events ^^

  5. Captivating design to print VIP cards, light shade of ink makes it more attractive...


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