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Etude House Wanna Be Perfumed Syrup Nails Review

Hello Dolls! ~
How have you been? :”>
I’ve been busy with work lately but still found time to do my nails! Haha XD
Who would be able to resist it if what’s waiting for your nails is the Wanna Be Perfumed Syrup Nails?! ^^
The packaging is really pretty~ that alone will capture your attention and entice you to try it right away!
The front of the box contains the actual picture of the nail polish gradient on the nail and the work of art of Annika Wester. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a famous illustrator known for her stylish drawings. :D
Etude House must have really put effort in this special line they released last December 2011 considering the artist they got to draw the line’s character, Emma, where Dara’s style was based upon. (yes, Dara of 2ne1!! ^^)

Review time now~~

I got this box for Php328.

It contains 3 bottles of nail lacquer which are to be used to create a gradient type of finish.
Here is the back of the box, details are written in Korean but you could still be guided by the picture intructions :D

The first bottle has a sheer silvery-white color and contains fine shimmer with very few big glitters.

The second bottle contains bigger glitters which I think is the coat that will make the overall look shine and be eye-catching.

The third bottle contains the dark pink/magenta tinted glitter polish that will add color and beauty to the overall finish.

Though it says it’s “perfumed”, I really am not a fan of the smell simply because it still smells like a nail polish with just a teeny weeny trace of perfume in it. Doesn’t bother me though since that’s how a nail polish should smell XD It would be a plus however if it really smelled like perfume :>

The nail polish dries rather quite fast which I think is because of the glitter content. This may be an issue with regards to its shell life but we’ll see. ^^ I don’t think the nail lacquer in the bottle itself will be tacky anytime soon. ^^

I find it easier to make a smooth gradient with this set as against the Etude House Aloha line which I had before as a prize for spending at least 1,500php at the Etude Hosue SM Megamall Branch. I think this is because of the subtle tint of the 3rd bottle. It looks a bit dark in the bottle but when you apply it on your nails, it has a light pink effect which is really preeeeetttyyyy!

It looks really pretty under artificial lighting:

But this nail effect especially looks good under the sun or natural lighting! See the actual pictures below; I had a bit of a photo session. Haha XD

I tried applying the 3rd polish twice and got a more pinkish finish, which I love.♥ See the comparison below ^_^

Overall, I really adore this limited edition nail set. ^_^ I think it’s really worth the spend!
I’m thinking of getting the Party Queen nails next since it was out of stock the last time I went to Etude House >.<
Let me know, dolls, what you think about this nail set line of Etude House ^_^ Would really love to know your thoughts!

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  1. super cuute gradient polish.. i like etude polishes too.. good quality

  2. Thanks! :D Yeah, Etude House has one of the cutest lines in Nail Polishes ^_^

  3. these bottles are so cute! never tried anything from Etude House before. you did a great job with your nails, love the gradient look

  4. Thank you sooo much! :D You should try Etude House products, they're pretty much affordable and have good quality products :D The light tint of the polish made it easy for me to have a smooth gradient ^_^ and THANK YOU for dropping by my blog, I have always been a fan of your photography and cute tokidoki stuff XD

  5. aww, that's really sweet, I had no idea. thanks for telling me!
    I always visit people who comment on my blog~

    I've wanted to try Etude House for a long time, just never know what to buy.. and I will try gradient nails soon, if I don't forget!

  6. It looks subtle and very princess-y like. love it on your nails!


  7. I also love everything Koean related so I'm glad I found you blog :D kkkk


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