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Etude House New Product Release Teaser w/ SHINee: Skin Malgam

Annyeong! :D
As an Etude House lover, I always anticipate new product releases/announcements simply because I wanna try them ASAP! XD
So much for being an Etude House fan ^_^
Last January 16-17, Etude House uploaded in their YouTube channel the latest song that SHINee sung for Etude House ~ Wanna Be Sweet. :D
You'll hear "Wanna Be S(u)weet" lotsa times!~ hahaha
It's a cute song which reminds me of the Korean online game I used to play, Audition Online ^_^

In the video, they introduced the new upcoming line of Etude House: Skin Malgam [스킨 맑음].
I translated the Korean characters via Google translate and got this translation: Clear Skin.
It comes in 5 variants namely Deep Moist, Moist, Smoother, Fresh, and Essential.

For me, the one with the cutest packaging would be Smoother!
Of course! It's PINK~ Heehee ♥

Here is SHINee introducing each variant:

Deep Moist - Key

Moist - Jonghyun

Smoother - Onew

Fresh - Minho

Essential - Taemin

Let's all wait for it okay? ^_^
Excited much!! XD


  1. my gosh, you're really an etude house fan.. :) I can feel the same too! I'm excited!! ♥

  2. haha yeah XD thanks for dropping by my blog ^_^ just accepted your friend request over at facebook ♥

  3. yep, I always read your blog, i just dnt comment a lot. :))
    thanks for accepting my friend request! ♥

  4. Same here with Karen. :DD I can feel the way you feel and Im pretty so much excited to their upcoming products. OMG ♥ SHINee!

  5. Haha we all are! XD It's SHINee and Etude House! Who wouldn't? :)) Thanks for dropping by! Ü


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