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The Face Shop Nail Polish Haul + Swatches

Hey, Dolls! ♥
Just wanna share with you a recent haul ~ these are the items I got from The Face Shop ^^
Got each nail polish at P95, I think :P
I got the Vita C mask sheet and the photo card as freebies :D

I spent quite some time in trying most of their nail polishes, my boyfriend even played with some! Haha! :))
He was so artistic~! ♥

Got the nail polish remover too and I think this is the best one I've owned so far ^^

And oh, I also tried the fab violet color that I got, I guess ate Kai would love it! :) It slightly changes color under different lighting :D Pretty cool right? ♥

I personally think nail polishes from TFS are better than Etude House's as they don't dry up that fast. ♥

One coat of some of the nail polishes I got :D

Have you tried nail polishes from The Face Shop? :D What do you think of their quality? :)


  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. naku mahal pala, haha. But im sure that these are super worth the price. Love the colors that you got

  3. Thank you! :D Yeah, they're quite expensive compared to drugstore nail polishes but they really are worth it. :D They don't dry up fast! :D

  4. wow that's a lot sweety! i love the face shop nail lacquers!!
    i like the quality din.. great picks--love all the shades!

  5. Yeah, super dami nga po for me kasi I don't usually buy this many in one go :P But I love them too! <3

  6. I love The Face Shop's nail polishes too weee :) and you got nice colors too <3 luv it ^ ^

  7. Thank you! ^^ It's just a shame that I need to go to SM Megamall pa just to visit TFS :D lol

  8. Hihi! Love love it! I have that polish since last year pa. Haha. I'm a Face Shop Polish user for a long time already. I really love em coz of its good quality. Di pa sha malagkit kahit lampas 1 year!

  9. Sabi ko na! :D Haha! I knew you would love them (or as it is, you already do!) XD I agree, the quality is really great! ^_^

    Sali ka din sa giveaway ko ah ^_^ Pag di na kayo busy :P Hehe, toxic ba sa school? :P

  10. what's that color on your thumb? i love that! i just started getting into the TFS nail polishes its just very affordable and its worth the money quality wise :D love your blog!


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