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Etude House SALE!!!

Etude House will be having a pre-holiday sale on selected items this September 15! :D

Their department store sale though was moved to October 1-31 :D That would be a month-long sale with 20% discount on selected items! :D Mark that date!! :D

I will be splurging after my boards which will end on October 16! :D Hopefully I pass it! ♥ Good thing the sale ends on October 31! ♥

Love love love Etude House :D Spread the word!! ♥


  1. hi val! thanks for dropping by my blog! =) andito ka pala, good that we bumped into each other dito sa blogging world, haha! =) i followed you, my avatar's not showing though. hmmm, will retry this later if hindi pa magfollow yung account ko. =)

  2. thank you! ♥ try getting disqus too! it's better than the ordinary comment system that blogspot does :P

  3. Oohhh! I wish they had a sale like this here too! Looking forward to your haul~ I love Etude House product packaging~

  4. Aww >.< I feel bad for you! There was even this one time when they reached 50,000 likes over at Facebook, they gaveout a 20% discount on ALL items!! :O


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