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My First Chibi Drawing ~~ ♥

Ermm.. I'm not really into drawing anime/chibi/cartoons (it's my sister's thing ~ she's really good at it! Ü ) since I usually go for still life painting.
Plus I've never tried my hand at drawing using colored pencils but I found myself interested today to do both chibi drawing and using colored pencils! ^_^

Here is the Faber Castell set I bought along a kneaded eraser and drawing pencil (again sorry for the low quality, used my iTouch =_=" crappy pictures):

Bought the set for Php457 (approx. $10.16) - it comes with a free sharpener! XD

Here is the chibi I drew.. uhm... I know, I know, it's not that erm.. nice?.. haha! I'm a noob at these stuff :P
I hope I learn to draw it more nicely next time ~~ it really deserves to be drawn better XD
Sad ~~ the photo isn't showing the light colors... T-T

What do you think!? XD Let me know so I could improve ^_^"


  1. waaai, it's so cute C: Really lovely first chibi art C: You should try to draw some more and please, share with us C:

  2. Awwww.. I love Chibi!!! That is so cute!!! ^_^

  3. @Mamta & Mi - thank you so much! Ü Yes, I'm gonna try drawing more :P I seriously need to practice more =^_^=

    @KawaiiBarbie - thanks much! ^_^ Oh yeah, is your name really Browning? :D Was just wondering :P


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