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2ne1 Ugly ~~ New Song Release

Have you watched the MV of Ugly from 2ne1? ^_^

Here is their group photo from YG Entertainment ^_^

How cool is Dara's hair accessory? XD It kinda has a Jamaican dreads feel to it? :D

I love Bom's updo, it's quite sophisticated but a li'l bit funky :P You'll see a better view of it when you watch their MV ^_^

The first part where they wore masks [Bom has the cutest mask!! Ü], it kinda reminded me of Hunter x Hunter :P Here are photos for you to compare:

Minzy's mask ^_^

One of Spider's members mask ^_^

It's quite ironic that they're talking bout being ugly and all that when they're too pretty!!
Maybe they, too, feel "ugly" sometimes?? ^_^ Haha!
But though the chorus really is catchy and lively, isn't the topic sensitive and depressing?  Well, that's just my opinion.

Why don't you check their MV here and tell me what you think please :


  1. We've checked it out yesterday! When I dropped to their channel I was like OMG! Finally! I definitely love Bom's look here! it's so lovely C: That song is awesome! Much better than hate you :D
    and yupp, one of us drew that chibi C: It was Mi : D

  2. @Mi and Mamta - Yeah, I agree, this is much better than Hate You :P They're really cool aren't they? ^_^
    I'm hoping to re-do Bom's updo here someday! Ü


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