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Cherry Nails

I saw Bubz's recent nail art at her website,, the cherries she drew were so cute and so I thought of doing it too! Ü Promise, it's so easy to do! ^_^

Here are the nail polishes I used:

Elianto - Wine Grape
Bobbie - Grass Skirt
Clear Nail Polish

Here are the other materials I used:
Nail Polish Remover

I would advise that you pour a generous amount of nail polish remover onto a cotton ball and have it ready beside you just in case you make a mistake ( you would want to damage the other good cherries :P ) and rub the nail onto it if you need to :3 It worked for me as I made a lot of mistakes, I wanted the cherries to really look round :P haha! ^_^

Step 1: Get your red nail polish and place two separate dots on your nails.

Step 2: Use the cuticle pusher to draw the stems of the cherries.

Step 3 (Optional): You may add a black lining for the stems but I opted not to use it since I want it to be really simple :)

Step 4: Wait until the cherries completely dry. You do not want to smear them >.< Apply clear top coat after ^_^

I hope you liked the cherries :D Let me know what you think! :3

-Val ♥


  1. thanks for sharing, Cute & nice tutorial..(^_^)~

  2. Thanks Janet! :3 Glad you like them =^_^=

  3. @Danielle: Thanks! ^_^ ♥ Give it a try sometime! ^_^


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