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Saturday ^_^

Hi! This would be my first post here in blogspot ^_^
Well lemme share a little bit of what happened today Ü
I went out today with my boyfriend, Aldrine. ^_^
We were on our way to Mang Inasal, a local restaurant where they serve grilled chicken, bbq, etc. when we passed by a pet store. They sell love birds, hamsters, goldfish, and fighting fish! A blue fighting fish caught my bf's attention and so we stopped by. I was fascinated  by the hue of the fish's tail because it reminded me of the ocean =^_^= Its tail had different hues of blue! So we decided to "adopt" it and I named him Bubbles (a cute name for a guy fish LOL)!

I'm worried though because there's this cat that comes inside our house, it might eat my fish!! It even tried to attack the love birds we have here! I got hurt because I tried to stop it and when I got back to cycling, I forgot to fasten the pedal straps, my foot slipped and the pedal hit my leg. Now it has a bump and it really hurts!

Well that's all for today! ^_^ I hope my bf gets home safely. He travels 3 hours just to get here and another 3 hours back.

Bye for now!♥ 


  1. wah its big breed? (lol do they call them breed? :3)

    oi Val! buy him furniture (or a pirate ship ala Finding Nemo)..he looks lonely :p hahaha

  2. aww, hope you're alright on the accident..*(^_^)*
    plus the monkey icons are so cuteee....(",)~
    Welcome to Blogspot!!lookin' forward to your future posts/reviews..=)

  3. @Donna haha! I know, I know I need to it's just that I'm a bit too lazy but I'll buy him stuff soon :))

    It's actually not big :)) It's bout 2x3 inches?? Haha it just looks big in the pic :p

    @Janet Thanks for the concern :3 I no longer have the bump but I have a bruise now T.T
    Yeah the monkeys are uber cute!! ^^ Reminds me of my sister :))
    Hope I could review the products I've bought real soon (review for the board sucks =_=)

  4. Brigitte Myka CadaoasOctober 2, 2011 at 2:36 AM

    WHOA WE HAVE THE SAME FISH! i mean same kind haha


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