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Etude House: A-Z and ♥ Heart: 27 Alphabet Face Masks

We all have our different share of concerns regarding our skin. May it be dullness, dryness or what-not, finding the best product for our face is a must. I've tried a lot of Korean facial masks and there are really a lot of kinds to choose from, but lo and behold, Etude House releases not one, not two, but 27 new face masks! That's even more than the English Alphabet! When I saw these masks at Etude House's website, I was like, "Are they serious? That's quite a lot!" I then hurriedly checked the names of the masks, to see if they were really able to name them all decently; I was amused. ^^ With this vast array of face masks to choose from, I'm sure you'd be able to address your skin's concern!

These masks retails for 950 won in Korea and that's pretty cheap, roughly these would retail for about 50-60php here in the Philippines. ♥ So here they are:

A (Aloe) ~ Soothing Relief

B (Bulgarian Rose) ~ Brightening

C (Collagen) ~ Firming

D (Dandelion) ~ Revitilizing

E (Elder Flower) ~ Soothing & Moisturizing

F (Fig) ~ Purifying

G (Green Tea) ~ Moisture & Relief

H (Hyaluronic Acid) ~ Richly Moisturizing

I (Immortelle) ~ Energizing & Nourishing

J (Job's Tears) ~ Revitilizing & Smoothing

K (Korean Ginseng) ~ Revitilizing & Nourishing

L (Lemon) ~ Tone Clarifying

M (Mango) ~ Nourishing & Firming

N (Noni) ~ Revitilizing

O (Olive) ~ Deep Moisture

P (Pomegranate) ~ Smooth Elasticity

Q (Q10) ~ Tightening & Firming

R (Royal Jelly) ~ Smooth Hydration

S (Shea Butter) ~ Richly Nourishing

T (Tea Tree) ~ Trouble Care

U (Unpolished Rice) ~ Firming & Nourishing

V (Vitamin Complex) ~ Radiating Skin

W (White Pearl) ~ Bright Complexion

X (Xylitol Forest) ~ Clean Moisture

Y (Yogurt: Strawberry) ~ Soft & Moist

Z (Zucchini) ~ Nourishing & Moisturizing

Heart: 5 Berry Complex ~ Antioxidant

Did you find a mask for your skin's needs? I hope these come out really soon at Etude House stores here in Manila, but I can always preorder them from Korea~~ kkk ♥
Well, that's all for now~ 


  1. Wooow! I saw this at an online shop and I really didn't notice that it was from Etude House! Silly me! Haha. Can't wait for these to hit the Etude House stores in the Philippines! I followed you on GFC :> Please follow me as well :>

  2. bet ko yung pinaka last one.. I have the B and C. Itatry ko palang sya ;)

  3. I’m in love with the packaging! They’re sooo cute!
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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