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I WON a Korea Cosmetics Contest! ^^

Annyeong!! ^^
I'm really excited to post about the prizes sent to me by Korea Cosmetics/Luview!! ^^ (like their pages now!! ^^)
So I recently joined a contest by Luview which is a one-point makeup where you focus on only one shade of eyeshadow in creating a natural look. I chose the color violet as it really gives out an elegant feel. Here is my entry, believe me, the color/hue and its vibrancy is waaaaay better in person. I guess the lighting washed some of the color out :(

And here are the prizes I won!!! ^^

Hihi, was so excited! I sent them my details right away and in 3 days or so I got the package! That's what I call speedy delivery ^^ I'm happy they chose shipping the prizes through EMS instead of premium registered mail or I would have waited forever! kekeke~

They gave me a bunch of eyeshadows, a mascara and a Tony Moly eyeliner ^^

Please wait for my reviews for the Luview products!! ^^

Want anything in particular for me to review the soonest? ^^
Let me know in the comment section below!!


  1. Replies
    1. thank you genz! sayang di tayo nakapagkita sa opening nng NR!!

  2. YOu're soo lucky!!! COngrats girl! :)

  3. congrats and you totally deserve it!! ^_~

  4. I got mine quickly, too! ^__^

    I got a couple of Luview eyeshadows and a mascara. I'm so excited to try them! ^__^

    Cheers! ^__^

    1. yey! ^^ i think we got the same items? ^^ congrats!!! ^^

  5. The color suits you sis! Isang color lang ng e/s pero it's amazing! Congrats ha! And yes, about the "Sangria', haha oo naalala ko rin ang Encantadia (di ko din alam spell). Thanks for dropping by on my blog! Really love to see your comment :) Aw, love your pink chain rubbers :)-Pretty Thrifty

    1. thank you!! ^^ actually i was amazed too sa kayang gawin nang gradiation ^^ hihi ^^

  6. wow.. how lucky you are :D *envy* Lol..congratzzz ^^

  7. Replies
    1. thank you ^^ EH really makes lipsticks to love ^^


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