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The Face Shop: Son Dae Sik in Manila!!~

Annyeonghaseyo chingu! ♥

Pretty recently, August 17, 2012, to be exact, I attended a makeup tutorial hosted by The Face Shop. It was held at the Trinoma Activity Center (and just a few days before 2 of the members of my favorite kpop group Super Junior had a show there too, too bad I couldn't make it biane oppa! ).
They had their special guest, one of the top Korean makeup artists to the stars in Korea, Mr. Son Dae Sik.
Yey for our picture above! I think there are only a few of us who could take a picture with Mr. Dae Sik this good and with the The Face Shop background and all (you'll know all about it later! ^^ )

Here are the promotional pictures released by The Face Shop for Mr. Son Dae Sik's arrival here in the Philippines. Ofcourse, they had to showcase Mr. Dae Sik's makeup collection collaboration with The Face Shop, the FACE it Lesson 01.

The collection consists of *from left to right ^^ *:
Flawless Mineral Cover Powder
4 Minute Smokey Eye Kit (everything you'll need for the eye makeup)
Flawless Fitting Foundation
1-touch Blusher Kit
Circle Face Brush (a uniquely slant-cut circle face brush)
Artist Brush Kit

Now onto the event!!
We were greeted by Kim Hyun Joong, the face of The Face Shop!
He's so handsome right? 

Look at how many people attended the event!

It's Patsy of FlyHighPatsy!~ A new friend that I met at the event! She really is friendly, and I'm so glad that we have the same interests when it comes to Kpop/Korean fandom. kekeke~

We posed for a picture with Mr. Son Dae Sik! ^^ After us, the crowd went crazy! It's a good thing we had the initiative to take the first picture with him! ♥

But ofcourse, we also spotted Ate Marge of Kikaytrekkie!
Really gorgeous (or should I say even more gorgeous) in person! ♥

There were 5 of us who were chosen to have a one on one consultation with Mr. Dae Sik, that's me, Patsy, Joy and two others.
Spot us as patiently we wait for our turn! kekeke~

Patsy was so eager to take a decent picture of us. Haha! Even used the mirror! ^^

We saw one of the official photographers of the event waiting for Mr. DaeSik and his companions to arrive. And while waiting we grabbed the opportunity to finally have a decent picture! Parang pang press lang XD

Patsy also took a picture of me and Mona (the winner of the Top Girl search here in the Philippines). ^^
She is sooooooo tall, flawless and pretty! ♥
Omo~ Look at the height difference! XD

Now onto the eggzoiting part! ♥
As I mentioned earlier, I was one of the few attendees that was chosen to have a one on one consultation with Mr. Son Dae Sik. However, because they're were running late for their flight later that night, we were informed that we would have a picture taken with him instead and that we would receive an additional goody box. We were a bit disappointed but twas okay since I had a very brilliant idea kekekeke~
I thought asking for a signature would be very rewarding since we waited for quite some time.
It was a relief that Mr. Son Dae Sik agreed to sign the press kit/cd given to us earlier!~
When he was signing it, I was like

I had to spell my name for him hihi ^^

I feel bad since he looks really tired
Hwaiting Mr. Dae Sik!! ~

Patsy and Joy then couldn't resist but ask for his signature too! Hihi! ^^

*I was able to talk to the Korean unnie in there in Korean, just one line! Hahaha! I ask her in Korean if she knew how to speak in English kekeke~ She replied in English and told me my pronunciation was great! ♥ Saranghae unnie!*

He also signed the store poster ^^

Here is the press kit he signed for me! 
I couldn't help na kiligin hahaha!
After all, he's one of the top makeup artists of Korea! ^^

Here are the goody boxes given to us by The Face Shop as an appreciation for attending the event ^^
Actually only one box per person but because of the change of plans for the consultation, they managed to give us another box ^^

Message when you open the box ^^

And finally the box's contents! ^^
I wonder how I'd be able to try them and try to finish them all up since I still haven't used the sample kit given when you avail a VIP Club 20 Card. Kekeke~
Haven't gotten yours? Check out how to avail one here so you could attend The Face Shop's events next time! ^^ 

Hope you enjoyed reading! ^^
Were you able to attend the event? ^^

Credits for the photos:
Patricia Sy
Thefaceshop Phils


  1. Wow you look great!Very fortunate to meet a famous makeup artist no? Ms.Marge looks amazing too! I wanted to meet her din! :) Nice stuff from TFS :)

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, sinabi mo pa! I felt really giddy after he signed my press kit! XD And it's a great avenue to test my Korean skillz lol ^^
      Followed you sissy! ♥

    2. Hehe ako I rarely attend events. Mahiyain kasi ako, nakaattend palang ako twice :) Thanks! Mwuah!

    3. Let's meet sometime pag may chance sa events ^^

  2. On the picture when Son Dae Sik and you were lookin at your phone, I actually thought he was getting your number! Teehee! Time to head on to TFS to check out the new products! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It sure looks like it! XD sabi nga namin ni patsy, parang barkada lang XD hihi! I was showing him how my name was spelled since I think my name is pretty difficult to spell if you're Korean XD
      Thanks for dropping by to read my blog! ♥

  3. Hey Valerie! Haven't seen for quite a while now. Honestly, pinuntahan ko lang tong post na toh just to see photos of you. I didn't read this makeup blog entry. Haha. Pero seriously. Ang ganda mo ngayon... Bukas hindi na. haha joke lang. you look great =)

    1. Oi pao! Happy birthday! XD Hahaha, wow, you complimenting me doesn't seem like you really lol :)) Thanks anyway! ^^
      And yes, it's been a while since I was active in blogging, it's great to be able to post stuff again XD

  4. oohh now I know why the ladies from the faceshop approaching different people and asking for their names before the event:) Nice!

    1. Oh you went too! :D Yeah, they were looking for participants for the consultation hihi ^^ Thanks for dropping by my blog! ♥

  5. Hi Val! <3 The contents of my second box were different from the first one! Baka ganun yung box sa media on the left side? hehe

    1. Hello Patsy! ♥ Hahaha, lucky you! Magkaiba pala yun, at least you get to try their other products hahahaha XD Baka nga iba yung sa media and yung sa members? XD

  6. Lovely pictures! You look so pretty! Swerte with the signature! :))

    I'm a new follower. Hope you could follow back :D

    1. Thank you! Those pics are all thanks to the two photographers mentioned above ^^
      Haha, yeah I grabbed the opportunity. I'm glad I had the guts to ask for his autograph! <3
      Will follow you back in a bit! ^^ Thanks for the follow!! xoxo

  7. You somehow look like maja salvador. Pretty. :)

    1. oh that's a first ^^ thanks for the compliment and for dropping by my blog ^^ appreciate it ^^


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