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Etude House New Mascara Launch: Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara

Annyeonghaseyo! ^^~
Today's post is an update on Etude House's most recent addition to their mascara line ♥
Isn't Dara just lovely? She really looks like a doll! ♥
In the picture above, her hair reminds me of Rapunzel's ^^~ kekeke~

This mascara is designed to give us three different finishes, the 1st step/look giving the least volume to the lashes while the 3rd step/look making them most voluminous!

Below you'll see the CF that Dara and SHINee recently did. Of course the song is made by SHINee!! ^_^

I'm sooooo excited!!! I preordered this directly from Korea and am expecting it before this month ends!! ^_^

Are you excited as well? ^^~


  1. Cool! I like to have that too! How much is it? <3

    1. Hello there Maze! ^^ I bought it for 700~800 pesos, so I think Etude House here will price it at around that range ^^~ I'm so happy it finally arrived! ♥

  2. I lived in Korea for 3 years and collected some makeup products there. I loved it there and totally miss it! you have a great blog and I just started following, come check out our blog and follow back as well =]

    1. Wow! How was it like living there? :D You should try using Korean makeup again ♥ followed you back! ^^


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