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Etude House Haul

Hello Dolls! ♥
I'm finally back!! ^_^
I'll be sharing a haul with you today! ^_^
These are Etude House products that I bought December 2011.
Haven't had the time to post them as I was really busy with work (just got hired last November 2011!) =_= Well yeah, I've been mia these past few months! T_T
I promise though to make more posts this year! ^_^
I hope I can manage my time wisely :D

Hmmm... Well Etude House's Wanna Be line has been released December 2011 which made me go to Etude House and buy them.
Cant. Resist. Temptation. Cuteness. Prettiness. Overload.
Hahaha! XD
Anywoo, here are the pictures of my haul ^_^

I hope you like them!!

Some of the Wanna Be line of Etude House :D

Oh my dad and I bought this for my mom as a Christmas gift! ^^
She told me, "Talagang Total Age Repair ah!"
HAHA XD Didn't mean to offend her but she liked it nonetheless!  ♥

This is free for every 2000php worth of  products bought! :D
This is a sampler of the Aloe Moistful Line. This includes the lotion, toner and cream ^_^        

This is a freebie for every 3000php worth of products bought!
Oh my, I got two of this. :( Oh December is a month where you spend more than planned, esp. if it's Etude House!
Hahahha XD

Oh I bought this lip brush too, I thought I needed it especially for red lipsticks! ^_^
Well, I hope you liked my haul! :D Did you buy Etude House products last December? :D
What was your favorite purchase? ^_^
Hmm, planning to do a Etude House collection post. Let me know if you think it's interesting! ^_^


  1. omg so much etude house! *o* sooo pretty~ 

  2. lovely haul!!!!

  3. I hope you can reviews the lippies of the wanna be line. Thank you~ ^^

  4. review gurl! :D wana be,moistfull bb cream ba un nasa taas?, be clear, and total age repair :">

  5. It's not the moistfull BB Cream eh >.< It's the essence lang >.< I'll try to make reviews on these asap ^^ Can't review the total age repair since it's my mom's hahaha XD I gave it to her as a gift :P

  6. I'll try to do that ASAP ^^ Thank you for visiting my blog ♥

  7. yeah, anything etude house is pretty! ♥ heehee that's why i love etude house sooooo much! ^_^

  8. wow! that a lot of Etude goodies...All of them are just super cute and pretty!! The wannabe range is so chic' ^_^~ thanks for sharing such a lovely hauls and welcome back ^_^~


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