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The Luvly Winner! ^^

Hello, dolls!
It has been a while since I last blogged ^^
My giveaway has just ended and I am really happy to know that a lot have supported it! ^^
There are a total of 1016 originally but I had to disqualify one person's entry because of being "fraudulent" and weed out invalid entries >.<
So the final valid entries are 975! ^^

I really wanna thank you all for following my blog! ^^

So here is the winner! ^^
Number 33! :D

I was surprised by this one! =^_^=

I remember telling her before that she was really lucky since she wins a lot of giveaways, and when I say a lot, I mean a LOT XD
She's one of the few bloggers that I really converse with ^_^ So happy to have known her here ^^
I also love her playlist ^^ Haha XD

Well, anyway, congrats Maggie! ^^
Thank you for following my blog and you're one of my considered friends here! ^^

Please watch out for an upcoming giveaway ^_^ Still planning what to stash in :P
Thank you again for joining my giveaway! ♥


  1. HUWAWWW. Thank you Val. Sa dami pa naman ng entries na yan ay sinuwerte ako. O_O You're one of the closest bloggers I have too. Hope to meet you someday! :) thank you ulit! ^__^

  2. Kapatid, Congratulations! happy that you've won!

  3. grats to the lucky person!

  4. Congratulations to the winner. :)

  5. congrats maggie! :)

  6. congrutles maggiebelles~ =)


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