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Dull to Doll Opening! ^^

Hello there, dolls! ^^

I recently opened my new online store, Dull to Doll ♥
Here I will be showing you the dresses that I have handpicked for my opening collection ^^

I just love floral and lace, they're so feminine! ♥

I hope you like them! Let me know what you think ^^

Btw, they're only 550php each :) Let me know if you're interested ^_^

They're posted in Dull to Doll's Facebook Page

Enjoy! ♥

Please support my new online shop! ^^ Would really appreciate if you like the FB page ^^


  1. love those dress!!!

  2. these are pretty! liked your fb! :)

    "Join my Halloween giveaway! WIN a bag, color block sandals and a bunch of chocolates from Paisley Clothing!"

  3. I love your shop name Dull to Doll --it is so catchy! 

    they're all lovely.. love the floral and lace designs!i liked your page ^^

  4. ooh, cute shop! I like the second and third dresses 

  5.  Wow!! Nice picks!! I love floral as well!! Those were lovely piece...I'll like your shop's FB...Keep it up!! and Congrats on your new shop!!~

  6. Very cute!!

  7. thank you mseggplant! ^^ and thank you for reading my blog! ♥

  8. thank you janet! :D I just love love love floral and lace ^^ Thanks!! Ü

  9. the second is my fave too! :D thank you! ♥

  10. thank you ate Diane! :D sorry for the late reply :P


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