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Review: Barry M Lip Paint #147 Peachy Pink

Hello, Dolls! ♥

I've recently visited Kat's blog and saw that she won Jamie's blogger contest.
What she won was a Barry M Lip Paint in Peachy Pink.

I L.O.V.E peachy pink shades and I decided to get one for myself since I know Jamie personally :)
She sells them at Php445/pc (approx. $10.34)

The packaging is really sleek and matte, it has a velvety texture which I love <3

It is highly pigmented and gives off a very beautiful shade of peachy pink, below are swatches ^^
The color payoff is great however a major disgruntlement for me is the patchiness of the lipstick!

Upon application, I was like... 
This is the worst lipstick I've owned when it comes to an even application.
It tends to have an uneven finish and is very drying.
I've tried applying it with a light lip moisturizer and without any. My lips were smooth and perfect for lipstick application, but still, I couldn't really achieve an even finish :(

I've read reviews online about this product and saw that almost all of them share the same view as I do. </3

In the swatches on my lips, they look really pretty but in person, they really look patchy and uneven and everytime I purse my lips, *sigh* it's like you need to bring the lipstick wherever you go just to be able to apply more and more and have them evenly spread.

I would rather buy several Ever Bilena or NYX lipsticks than spend Php445 for this particular lipstick! :|
I haven't tried other shades though, so I am not closing my doors on Barry M. I just hope this is just that one bad product that the company produces >.<

Here are my ratings:
Packaging: 4/5
Color: 4/5
Finish: 2/5
Moisturizing Effect: 2/5

Overall: 3/5

Have you tried this lipstick before or any other Barry M products? :) What are your thoughts about them? :D


  1. It does look like it wont stick on you and keeps on sliding around. Ohwell haven't tried any Barry M... :D

  2. Thanks for review this Val! I haven't tried Barry M but with this post, I opt to use Sophie Martin Lippies instead. :P It's a nice shade though... just poor quality.

  3. I haven't tried any Barry M lipsticks but this shade is gorgeous! Love how bright and milky it is =)

  4. i haven't barry m...but base on the pictures u have, i like the shade of that...

  5. i want to try the barry m! i like the shade so chic!!!
    btw, i made my review ^^ thanks again Val! mmuah!

  6. It does stick but it just won't get applied evenly >.< It's really patchy :((

  7. Yeah, it's really a shame for the lovely color :(( And yeah, I'm excited for the SM lippies :P Will be receiving them next week when I see my friend who sells them :P

  8. Yeah, it's a very pretty shade! ♥ Just the formula though, it's such a waste :|

  9. Yeah, the shade is gorgeous but the formula is just...poor >.<

  10. Yup, the shade is lovely, it's just that the formulation is a bummer :( I'd recommend to try other shades though :P

    Thank you for the review, loved how it looked on you!! ♥

  11. hmmm... :/ the color is nice and all but it seems to accentuate lines. :( thanks for the review dear!

  12. Yeah, the quality is such a shame for the uber pretty shade of this lipstick :/

  13. can't get enough with the contacts.. wearing it gain and again hehe! thanks dearie. muah!

  14. Thank you for tagging me in this post sis :D I got the same result when applying it. very drying and doesn't look good on me :( It's very uneven and reveals my chappy lips :/

  15. I think it pretty much washes my face out >.< It took me forever to get it to show up like this on the pic and everytime I'd purse my lips, it would be a mess. :/


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