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Etude Haul + Random Buys ~~ :D

I have been a fan of Etude House ever since they had that little shop at SM Megamall when they debuted here in Manila. Gosh, I already spent a lot on Etude House products alone T__T

Now that I have a blog, I would like to share my purchase today! :D

Actually, my sister asked me if I could stroll around the mall today since she missed me :">  I've been gone for a week and now am back home. Didn't know she missed me lot (we sleep in the same room). :P

We happened to pass by Etude House and I - just - can't- resist - the - temptation. :)) I bought a few things :D Here they are:

My Etude House + Random Buys :D

I saw a Youtube nail guru use this and I thought I needed this because I have calluses on my nail sides =_=
I have really dry skin!! 

Upon trying their tester, I instantly fell in love with this top coat! Without noticing, it dried after a few minutes! And it's super glossy :D I think it's a great buy for those who love to apply nail polish ^_^

I've bought this mascara before and after a few months, I happened to find myself looking for this mascara again :D
I think Maybeline's mascaras are great but I just love the results of this mascara ~~ I'm gonna review it sometime soon ♥

So I was looking for a eye liner and checked out Maybeline's but I was a bit hesitant when I saw the price - P450 and thought if I could find a cheaper alternative, it would mean a happier wallet :P
I hope I didn't make the wrong decision XD

I have the first Follow Me tint and when I saw this shade, I said it was a must try :D
This is the first orange lipstick/tint I ever had! Can't wait to try it! ^_^ when my lips get back into shape. :(
As I have mentioned, I really have dry skin and that includes my lips :( *sigh*

My sister asked me to buy this for her, I said okay since I was gone for a week :D
I told her that I have seen great reviews of this line of Etude's.
She happens to have really oily skin esp. on the nose area and I think this would really help her :P
I'll try this too and post a review about it soon ~~

I've never had a brow pencil since my browse are kinda think and my hair color is deep so I think mine are a bit strong when it comes to color :D
But I really want to try brow pencils/creams and see their effect on my brows.
I bought the brown shade so that I could achieve a softer look :3

I have the red version of this and bought two at once but sadly my boyfriend doesn't like its smell so I just stopped using it. :((
I picked this because it almost has no smell, it's very subtle, but I like how it gives my lips a tinsy lil bit of a pinkish glow :P

This is a primer and would love to try it since it's 2-in-1 :D It has a pore cover cream on top of the tube :P
I also look forward to a bye-bye-shiny-face look with the help of this primer since it's really meant for that :)

My sister added this to our cart since she was looking for a new lotion :P It happened to be a Gotta Have It item . See last photo to see what we got for free because of this :P
Ever since Etude House announced a new line of freebies, I was really eyeing on this one since I already almost all of their freebies :P
And this would really make a cute makeup bag ^_^ I love the color so much ♥

I got this for free for a minimum purchase of P1,500 with any Gotta Have It item which happens to be the  Nivea Lotion :D

Here are the prices of the items we bought (in Philippine Peso):

198 - Etude House Jelly Pop Nail
298 -  Etude House Follow Me Tint (Tangerine)
498 -  Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Dual Primer
298 -  Etude House Touch Touch Liner
198 -  Etude House Milk Screw #03
298 -  Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Mist
148 -  Etude House Drawing Eyebrow #01
695 - Max Factor Lee Mascara (Waterproof)
219 - Nivea Extra Whitening Inner Cell Repair Body Milk
420 - Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

Thank you for reading this post! :D
Have you ever tried any of these before? Do you like them? ^_^

This is all for now, Luvs! Take care!~~


  1. I have that EH makeup bag too~ =)

  2. Love it! i wonder if etude Acne/pimple spot remover will work great oh i want a face mist too im eyeing on Tony Moly bunny bottle lol or skinfood cucumber coz i like cucumber and aloe :D
    and yuh my bf also sometimes complains about a prod i use but hmmm i rarely use lipstick >.< im into balms and tints my bf hates some eos balms coz they smell strong he h8 spf smell also lolz

  3. What great hauls! I'd love to know how the anti shine/primer works out for you, interesting product, I'd love to try using primers! - Mar
    Btw, it would truly mean a lot to me if you could join my 1st blog giveaway with a beautiful neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake. Hope I'll be seeing you!
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  4. Ooh, that's a nice catch! I love shopping as well, but I haven't been able to do any make up shopping in a while ^^ school starts soon though, so it's about time!
    I'm looking for a good brow pencil as well since my natural hair color is light brown. I need to define my brows, but haven't really found a good pencil yet :/

  5. aweee I LOVE ETUDE HOUSE! and the make up bags looks uber cute! aweeee I want It XDDD~~~

    Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

  6. yay, nice big haul! got the sally hansen.. i'm loving it! hope you'll like it as well! enjoy!!

  7. @PopBlush: Isn't it lovely? :D It's so pink and girly! Ü

    @Mar: I'm still experimenting with the Dr. Oil Solution primer :) I hope it works really well since I've read reviews about it :P

    @Ceci: I think the Etude House brow pencil that I posted here would be nice :D It's not too pigmented so you can gradually add more until you get your desired brows :D

    @Amz: I just read about the snail thingy from Etude and I really have to try it! Ü Thanks for sharing it! The bunny thingy from Tony Moly was out of stock when I went there :(( Too bad for me. Surprisingly though, my bf likes the scent of the pink lip balm :P It smells almost the same with the red one though O.o

    @Lina Kim: I love Etude House too! I just keep coming back even if I don't have anything to buy there :))

    @Ate Diane: Yes, I do love it, it gently softens the cuticles and I didn't experience any sting! ♥

  8. Hi! Nice review! You could use a blow mascara if you wanna have lighther, like brown-ish color whereas your natural color is black. It's also good not to use only pencil but also powder! Try;)

  9. loads of goodies :) will wait for your Max Factor mascara review

  10. Thank you for stopping by! :D Will review it soon and give you a reply once I do! :D xoxo

  11. I will! :D I haven't tried powders yet but I think I need to find the right shade of pencil that would suit my taste :P

    Thank you for suggesting. Will try them out soon! :)


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