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PayPal Fraud ~ Sellers BEWARE!

I just want to share with you what I experienced yesterday. As some of you may know, I run an online shop and recently I got an order from the US for a pre-owned Nokia 6500 that I just posted in
I got the chance to chat with the buyer to settle the deal, yada yada. I have sent her a money request via PayPal and she immediately paid it and had it delivered to Nigeria (I was like, "Why in Nigeria??")
Being a seller for almost 3 years as of writing first thing I checked was if her email address was verified - it's not and so I thought, if anything more suspicious comes around, I'm not pushing through with the transaction, it was also a must to check the transaction ID with PayPal, not any link provided by the e-mail I received. Upon checking, the transaction ID was not found, that's when I got more suspicious.

I googled the e-mail address of the sender to see if it had been involved with fraud and what-not and when I found none, I then googled one interesting thing that they wanted me to do, to ship the item and e-mail them directly for the tracking number (the email was very assuring - I must say overly assuring - that the payment was credited from her account). And so I searched within PayPal if there was any option for the buyer to pend the payment and wait for the tracking number before PayPal credits the whole amount to my account - I found none! I searched Google further and found an article in eBay bout this new scam.
I'm just so thankful that my intuition and experience helped me with this transaction ^_^"

Here is a pic of the fraudulent email:

I hope you don't experience this >.<


  1. Paypal payments are really tricky :/ It's more favorable towards consumers/customers than sellers. So I get super OC when I get paypal payments.

    The sender can take the money back again even after so many months (even years) since the purchase. They can say someone used their credit card without their permission. Paypal will take the money from your account/card without your approval, and they'll just ask you to provide proof of purchase, tracking information and such. ( T=T)

  2. OMy that's scary.. thank god.. your intuition saved you.
    keep safe hun!

  3. Good thing you didn't push it through
    Let's all be safe when transacting online :)

  4. Yes luvs. ♥ I'm so relieved I didn't push through with the transaction >.< Intuition really does help oftentimes! ^_^


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