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Etude House Fresh Nailwash Safe (Pink)

Lately I have been having nail polish hauls (hope I could post them here sometime!) and as a must, I bought a nail polish remover too! I bought this nail polish along with the stuff I bought at Etude House Megamall during their Sale (I wasn't able to get the blue variant). I have been using Bobbi Nail Polish remover before and it works fine - doesn't leave white marks and doesn't make me dizzy at all!~~

Speaking of getting dizzy, this is the very reason why I wanted to make a review on this product!
Why? I kept on having headaches because of this nail polish remover's scent! :(( Because of the chemicals perhaps? It says safe - yes for your nails but not for your nose! :( I was very disappointed! There was one time that I wasn't able to attend my review classes because of it! T__T

Removes nail polish well
Doesn't dry your hands/fingers

Very awful smell - makes you dizzy!!!

Will I purchase this again? Never. :( I'll stick with Bobbi or find a new polish remover.

Have you ever tried this product before? Did it make you dizzy? O.o What nail polish remover are you using? ^_^

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