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My First Contact Lens Giveaway! Ü [CLOSED]

I'm hosting my first contact lens giveaway!! Ü

2 GEO Nudy Brown (0.00 degrees) Contact Lenses

How many/who may win?
1 from Facebook
1 from my blogspot followers:
[Open for Philippine Residents only]

Here's how to have a valid entry:
Step 1: Like my Aigoo Shoppe page:
Step 2: Comment here with your name and contact info eg cellphone number, email address and if you did any of the optional entries below

Optional Entries:
+2 Add Aigoo Shoppe Facebook account:
+1 Repost this in your wall

Step 1: You must be my blog follower via Google Friend Connect Publicly.
Step 2: Like my Aigoo Shoppe page:
Step 3: Comment at my blogspot entry with your name and contact info eg cellphone number, email address and if you did any of the optional entries below

Optional Entries:
+3 Blog about this giveaway.
+3 Put the above photo on the side bar of your blog using this code:

Credits: My sister, Sam, for the photo ^_^

WINNER will be randomly picked via and will be accordingly sent an email/message. :D

THIS WILL END ON: August 14, 2011 11:59PM GMT+8


  1. Name: Marie Paulyn Dela Cruz
    Contact Info: 09166574723
    email address:

  2. Hi Marie Paulyn! :D You're entry is counted under the Facebook Category. :) Thank you! :D

  3. Hi Val! I joined your giveaway! Chos.. May blog ka na din! hehe. Sali ako ha?

    check out my blog:
    I added this giveaway on my sidebar.

    My email address:
    Twitter: kai_sensei
    Val you still have my number right?

  4. Hi!!!! :D Yeah, kasi I wanted to blog about things that I try on and what-not :)) I just wanted to know what other people think about them too Ü Haha, late bloomer in makeup and stuff! ♥ Haha! :P Yup, I think I have your number ma'am kai :P

    Total of 4 entries pala :D Haha! ♥

  5. Facebook entry
    *GFC: amz88
    *Email: amz88blog(at)g m a i l (dot)com
    *number: will pm it to you via fb or email :)

    *added fb acct
    *posted on my wall
    Aimee Kheer

    Thankies gurl :D btw can i join the blog giveaway too? i need to schedule the date to post it ^^

  6. Hey there Amz! :D Thank you for dropping by and joining my giveaway! Ü Imma enter your giveaway too~~ Yes, you may enter the blog giveaway too for added chances of winning ^_^ Go go go! ♥

    Facebook entries: Total of 4

    Will be waiting for your blog entry!! ♥ Take care and thanks! Ü

  7. Name: Yesha
    e-mail address:
    I added you in Facebook and like your page ^ ^
    I'll PM you on FB reg my number

  8. Hi Yesha! :D I've added your entry under the Facebook category ^_^ Total of 4 entries :D

    Thank you much! ♥

  9. Name: Janine
    FB: Nin Mönster
    eadd: ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    On my sidebar:

  10. Hi Nin! :D Counted your entry here too :)
    Total entries here: 4 Ü
    Thank you! ^_^

  11. name: Katrina vitor
    fb: tinypinkbow and katrina vitor :D
    added and liked your page :D
    followed via GFC
    added to my sidebar :D

  12. name: Paula Palo Panlaqui
    liked your fb page, fb name: paula palo panlaqui
    GFC: anschluss_phau23
    blogged about this:
    email add:

  13. hi, i joined for both category. okay lng ba? if not, choose one nlng.. i did both kasi :)

    * liked your FB Fanpage (Maggy Diaz Oro)
    * added your shop as a friend (Maggy Diaz Oro)
    * reposted on my wall as well:

    * following your blog via GFC as Jel
    * FB Fan (Maggy Diaz Oro)
    * blogged at
    * giveaway on my blog sidebar at

    NAME: Angelie Oro
    Email: punkme15 at gmail dot com

    Thanks :)

  14. Hi sis! I just joined your awesome giveaway :)

    I joined both from Facebook and through my blog.

    Liked Aigoo Shoppe FB page: Karen Chayne Sanchez

    Added Aigoo Shoppe Facebook account:

    Karen Chayne Sanchez

    Reposted it on my Facebook wall:

    Followed your blog via Google Friend Connect - username: Kayce

    Liked my Aigoo Shoppe - Karen Chayne Sanchez

    Blogged about this giveaway -

    Placed the giveaway photo on my blog's side bar-

    Name: Karen Chayne Sanchez
    email add: kayeshayne17 at gmail dot com

    Hoping to win... Thanks!

  15. @Kat, Paula, Jel, and Kayce - Thanks Luvs for joining my first giveaway ^_^ Hugs & Kisses ♥ Here are your numbers of entries:

    Kat - FB: 4 | BlogSpot: 4

    Paula - BlogSpot: 4 (Kindly msg me bout the FB category ^_^ )

    Jel - FB: 4 | BlogSpot: 7

    Kayce - FB: 4 | BlogSpot: 7

  16. Joining!! :)

    GFC: Nicole

    Liked ur page on FB: Nicole Aguilar Pare
    Added Aigoo Shoppe as a friend: Nicole Aguilar Pare

    On my blog sidebar:

  17. @Paula - Solved the problem ^_^ FB Entry: 1

    @Nicole - Hi dear! Ü Thanks for joining and following :D
    Total Entries: FB: 3 | BlogSpot: 4

  18. GFC: MSodapop

    Liked your fb shop page: MSodapop Myserenity


    Blog post:


    Thank you love<3

  19. Thanks luv! ♥ I already counted your entries ^_^

    Facebook: 1
    BlogSpot: 7

  20. liked your page
    added your Aigoo Shoppe Facebook account

    GFC: Chal


  21. @Chal: Thank you for joining! ^_^ Counted your entries:
    FB - 3
    Blogspot - 1

  22. Liked your Aigoo Shoppe FB page under Angeline Rodriguez.
    Arianna Angeline Rodriguez (call me Angel), 09179662509,
    I already follow your blog through GFC, but I also added Aigoo Shoppe's FB account and blogged about this giveaway at:

  23. Step 1: blog follower via Google Friend Connect Publicly = Lyudmila
    Step 2: Like my Aigoo Shoppe page:
    (Lyudmila Sizova)
    Enter me!
    My name: Lyudmila
    E-mail: lusizova at

  24. Thank you for entering my giveaway :D
    Angeline = FB: 3 | Blogspot: 4

    @Lyudmila, I'm sorry but I'll have to disqualify you because you're outside the Phil :( Please watch out for an international giveaway in my blog soon! ♥

  25. Giveaway is now closed! Thank you everyone for joining my giveaway ^_^ Please wait for the announcement re: the winner :D


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